August 2019 Schedule Change Information

Willow Glen High School 19-20 Schedule Change Information

We will only consider schedule changes for the following reasons: 
  • A missing class  needed to fulfill graduation or A-G requirements (e.g., the student does not have English)
  • An incorrect placement (e.g., the student was placed into Geometry instead of Algebra II)
  • A gap in a schedule (e.g., the student does not have a third period class).  
  • An 11-12th grade student is requesting a TA period (students must complete a TA contract prior to being considered). 
*If you took a course over the summer and are requesting to move ahead (ex: you took
Algebra 2 over the summer and want to be moved into Pre-Calculus), then you will need to request
that your transcript be sent to WGHS AND email Mrs. Patel ( a grade print out
with your recorded final grade.  In the subject of the email please write: Proof of Summer
We will not change your schedule until we receive confirmation that the course was
successfully completed.  

We do not accept requests for the following reasons: 
  • To move out of or drop an Advanced Placement AP/ honors/accelerated class 
  • To choose a particular order for classes 
  • To select a particular teacher for a class.

Other Important Information: 
1. All WGHS courses are yearlong. Students are expected to remain in the same course
during the second semester.      

2.  The administrators went through transcripts this summer, so if there’s a class you have that
you did not select, it is because you needed the course in order to meet graduation or
A-G requirements.  

3. If you submitted a schedule change request in June and the request was not fulfilled, it is
because the course you requested is either full or the course would not fit into your schedule.  

4.  If you see “Selection A, B, E or F” on your schedule that means you have a free period. 
You will get a pass from the attendance office that you will need to show a campus supervisor
or administrator if you are stopped outside of class during normal school hours.

5.  If you have “Selection D” on your schedule that means you stated you wanted to be a TA
but did not turn in a TA form.  You must turn in a TA form by Friday August 16th otherwise you
will be randomly placed into a TA period. 

6.  If you are an incoming 9th grader and took an HE course in 8th grade and did not meet
the grade requirement or pass the HE exam to get high school credits, you have been scheduled
to retake the course. 

If after reading everything on this page, you still wish to make a schedule change request,
please click on the links below for your grade level.

The links will be open from August 1st at 8am until Wednesday August 7th at 10pm.
The links will not be reopened until the first week of school from 3pm-9pm each day. 
The last day for students to make a request will be Friday August 16th at 10pm.

Welcome to our Scheduling Information Page

Welcome to the scheduling process page for the 2019-2020 academic year. You will find important information that will be updated here regularly as well as necessary documents available for download along the right column.  

Here are dates for schedule pick up and Freshman orientation: 
  • Freshmen Orientation Thursday, August 1st - 8am-12:30pm (this is only for students)- Students will be taking their ID/School pictures during their break out session with the link leaders and then picking up their schedule after the orientation is over.
  • Schedule Pick-Up Friday, August 2nd (please see grade level time slots below)- Students will take ID photos during their time slot. In order to pick-up their schedule, they must show their ID. Parents may only pick up their own child/children's schedules (we will not allow friends or neighbors to pick up a student's schedule).

    Friday, August 2nd-Seniors - 8am-9:30am
    -Juniors - 9:30am-11am
    -Sophomores - 11am-12:30pm
  • Clean-Up/Make Up Day Monday, August 5th - 8am-10am- This is for students who were not able to make it on the actually schedule-pick up date to take their ID photos and or pick up their schedule. 
*If you are unable to come pick up your schedule on the dates listed below, it will be available for pick up starting Tuesday August 6th from 8-2pm.